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Welcome to school software, your all-in-one solution for managing and enhancing your school’s administrative tasks and academic processes. Our comprehensive school software offers a range of powerful features designed to streamline your school’s academic and administrative operations, promote collaboration, and improve efficiency for administrators, teachers, students, and parents.


Comprehensive Student Information System

A good school management ERP system should include a comprehensive student information system that allows administrators to store and manage student data efficiently. This includes details such as personal information, attendance records, academic performance, disciplinary actions, and health records.


Inventory and Asset Management

For schools that maintain an inventory of assets and supplies, the ERP software should offer modules for tracking inventory levels, managing procurement processes, and generating reports on asset utilisation. This helps optimise resource allocation and reduce unnecessary expenses.


Efficient Admission and Enrollment Management

The software should streamline the admission and enrollment process, allowing administrators to easily manage applications, track admission status, allocate seats, and generate enrollment reports. It should also provide automated communication channels to keep parents informed.


Staff and HR Management

The software should include features for managing staff information, such as personal details, attendance, leave records, and performance evaluations. It should also facilitate efficient payroll processing, staff scheduling, and professional development tracking.


Robust Academic Management Tools

The ERP software should provide tools for managing academic processes such as course scheduling, timetable management, grade recording, and transcript generation. It should also support online assessments, assignment submissions, and grading systems to enhance efficiency and accuracy.


Communication and Collaboration Tools

A good ERP software should provide communication and collaboration tools to foster effective communication between teachers, students, parents, and administrators. These tools may include messaging systems, online forums, notification systems, and parent-teacher communication portals.


Attendance and Leave Management

The ERP software should have a reliable attendance management system that allows teachers to mark attendance easily and generates reports for monitoring student attendance patterns. Additionally, it should include leave management features for tracking staff leave and generating reports for efficient resource allocation.


Fees and School Financial Management System

An important aspect of school management is financial administration. The software should include modules for fee management, invoicing, payment tracking, and financial reporting. It should also support integration with accounting systems to ensure accurate financial records.


Data Security and Privacy

Given the sensitive nature of student and staff data, a good school management ERP software should prioritise data security and privacy. It should have robust security measures in place to protect against unauthorised access and data breaches and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Start the paperless admission process

Incorporate the following features into your school to initiate a paperless admission process. 

Online application forms: Provide a web-based application form for prospective students to fill out electronically.

Document uploads: Enable students and parents to upload required documents, such as birth certificates and academic records, directly through the online portal.

Automated verification: Implement an automated verification system to validate the submitted documents and streamline the verification process.

Online payment gateway: Integrate a secure online payment gateway to facilitate online fee submissions during the admission process.

Notifications and updates: Send automated notifications to applicants regarding the status of their admission, interview schedules, and other important updates.


Make Your School's Campus Fully Digital

Utilise the school software to digitise various campus processes and operations.

Digital attendance system: Implement a biometric or RFID-based attendance system integrated with the school software to eliminate manual attendance processes.

Digital library management: Create an online library catalogue where students can search for books, reserve them, and even access e-books and digital resources.

Online resource sharing: Enable teachers to share educational materials, assignments, and study resources digitally through the school software platform.

Electronic communication: Replace traditional communication methods with an internal messaging system within the school, allowing staff, teachers, and students to communicate electronically.

Online event management: digitise event planning and management processes, including event registration, ticketing, and promotion, through the school software.

Integrate school software with a mobile app

Extend the functionality of your school by integrating it with a dedicated mobile application.

Real-time notifications: Send push notifications to parents, students, and staff regarding important announcements, homework assignments, exam schedules, and other updates.

Mobile access to information: Allow parents to access their child’s attendance records, grades, assignments, and progress reports through the mobile app.

Mobile-based communication: Facilitate direct communication between parents and teachers through the app, enabling them to discuss academic progress and concerns.

Mobile fee payments: Enable parents to conveniently make fee payments through the mobile app using secure payment gateways.

Mobile timetable: Provide students with a digital timetable accessible through the app, including class schedules, teacher information, and any changes or updates.



Learning Management System (LMS) Module

Incorporate a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) module within your school.

Online course delivery: Create virtual classrooms where teachers can upload course materials, assignments, and quizzes for students to access and complete online.

Interactive discussions: Facilitate online discussions and forums within the LMS, allowing students and teachers to engage in collaborative learning.

Online assessments and grading: Enable teachers to create and administer online assessments, automatically grade them, and provide feedback to students through the LMS.

Progress tracking: monitor student progress, track completion of assignments, and generate comprehensive reports on individual and class performance.

Personalised learning: customise learning paths and assignments based on each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning pace.

Timetable with Lesson Plan and Syllabus Status

Develop a comprehensive timetable module within the school.

Create and manage class schedules: Generate timetables for each grade, section, and teacher, ensuring optimal utilisation of resources and minimal conflicts.

Lesson planning: Allow teachers to plan and schedule lessons in advance, incorporating learning objectives, resources, and instructional strategies.

Syllabus tracking: Enable teachers to track syllabus coverage, mark completed topics, and provide visibility to students and parents on the progress made.


Sell courses online and launch the Digital Academy

Transform your school into a digital academy by offering online courses and monetizing educational resources.

Course catalogue and enrollment: Create a catalogue of online courses, specifying

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