SCHOOL SOFTWARE - General Overview

Before you start using this software, let us understand how it works. Let us take in consideration a generic sketch of any primary or pre-primary school, having the classes categorized as Section A, Section B, and Section C.

Now for each class, there will be different subject classes, which can be further divided into two categories like theory classes and practical classes. On the basis of these subjects, the exams are structured.

Now there are two ways that students are enrolled in any particular class – through new admissions or old students promoted from previous classes. Now during a student’s schooling from any school, the school charges the student a particular amount as fees, which can be paid on a monthly basis or annual basis. The attendance of all the students is taken on a daily basis. Besides, the school may also provide transport facility to the student for commuting from his place of residence to school. Also, each school has a library for students. The book inventory of that has to be managed. Apart from that each school have hostel facility for students. Obviously, the management of all these day to day tasks has to be managed by the teaching staff. For teachers this task is an additional task other than teaching and managing students. Each school has to maintain a regular communication with its teachers, students, and parents. Also, a school has to maintain the record of all the expenses such as miscellaneous bills, salary payments, etc. Once everything is done, the school has to analyze the various reports and expenses for a comparative study.

If you are using School Software for a training center then maybe you would like to admit students in two classes. For such cases, we have introduced the latest school software version where we have introduced a multi-class feature where you can admit a single student in two classes simultaneously.

Apart from the above, we would also like to provide access to our school software to other users like Teachers, Accountants, Librarians, Students, and their parents. For such smart school requirements, we have 8 inbuilt user’s roles – Super Admin, Admin, Teacher, Accountant, Librarian, Receptionist, Student and Parent. If the school wishes, it can virtually create unlimited number of user roles for the staff members.

One-stop Solution for School Management
It is not any easy task to manage the daily activities like managing students, teachers, admin staff, time-table, examinations, class tests, daily attendance of students and staff, collection of fees, finance, etc. of any educational institute. In addition to all this, the parents also want to keep a tab on the performance of their children. They are only satisfied when they have ease of access to their child’s academic statics. Moreover, there are schools that still use bulky registers to mark daily attendance of their students and staff members. Also, all other tasks such as managing new admissions, date of exams, class tests, academic calendar, result, etc. are done manually. All this consumes a lot of resources, time and extra cost, and still there are chances of error.
To keep all these worries at bay, we have come up with eSchool ERP, school management software to make all these conventional tasks easy and simple. This management software is the one-stop solution to manage, track and record all the activities performed on a daily basis within a school’s premises. Our online school management software includes admin, staff and students’ panel, exams module, attendance module, fee collection module, salary and expense management, class tests management, inventory management, students and staff data record system and many more. eSchool ERP is an easy to use and manage online school management software for end-users. To have a first-hand experience of this free online school management software, please drop a mail to us at ……………………………………………..